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“Hello - My name is Adrienne. I just want to say thank you for an amazing product. I recently purchased your HoBo's Groove shea butter from Whole Foods here in Las Vegas. Living in the desert my skin is always dry. I have tried so many different products but HoBo Grove is actually the first to work. Thank you again!!!"

"HoBo Men & Women International is Fantastic! They helped me to regain my life back. Before I encountered the HoBo experience, I was facing death. I had several illnesses: multiple sclerosis, toxemia, and high blood pressure. I had been confined to a wheel chair for 3 years and my physical condition was getting worse. I have had all the latest treatments and was taking the latest medicine to help me to recover from my illness, MS. Nothing Worked.”
     However, my best friend had introduced me to the HoBo experience through foot washing and massaging and it changed my life. Their positive attitude and massages inspired me to follow their holistic program of massages, shea butters, herbs and a dietary regiment. Their program helped me to make some hard choices with my life which really paid off. Before HoBo, I was overweight by 50 lbs.. I was not able to go to the bathroom by myself which forced me to wear a diaper. I was not able to dress myself. Due to my illness, I had very little coloration in my skin due to the lack of blood circulation especially in my feet and legs. But over a four month period of working with HoBo International, I lost over 40 lbs, I went from a size 2x in clothes to a size 14. I am able to dress myself. I can use the bathroom by myself and I wear womens underwear, again. My feet and legs are warm now. Most importantly, at my 50th birthday party, I stood up and took three steps forward and two steps backwards. Along with my wheelchair, I am using a walker! My Family and Friends can't believe how good I look. Thanks to HoBo Men and Women International, I feel like I have my life back!"

Alma, - California

"I had very much appreciated the whole experience, not just the massage but the attention Raymond Williams gave to every step of the HoBo experience: from setting up the room (making sure it was at the right temperature, suggesting music, burning scented candles) to explaining what would happen (it was my first massage). During the massage itself Raymond Williams really listened to my comments and worked at finding what was the best style of massage for me. He was very caring and attentive. I've had experiences where I would tell a massage therapist that my lower back was very sensitive, they would say okay but during the massage they would forget and sometimes would hurt me there. I also appreciated Raymond's phone call the day after and thanks to his asking me to think about any physical changes, I realized for the first time in years I didn't experience any upper back pain at the office. My upper and middle back hurt tremendously after a few hours of being hunched back over the computer. Raymond also was knowledgeable enough to notice the scoliosis in my upper back and for the first time I found out it could be cured. I look forward to more sessions and I now do believe I can heal from that pain."
Frankie - Paris, France

"Have been using HoBo shea butter for the past two years for severe skin problems. I was born with a hereditary skin disease that results in dry flakey skin. I have experienced more severe skin problems lately. HoBo shea butter clears up my skin much faster than the medications prescribed by my dermatologists. It smells and feels soooo good on my skin and lasts all day long. I love it!"

"Greetings to all! I just wanted to extend my deepest appreciation to the team and products behind Genuine HoBo. I am a devoted fan of the "HoBo's Groove" shea butter and body scrub, faithfully succumbing to the nurturing, enveloping aroma and essence of its natural ingredients. At first, I was skeptical of the product, being that I have extremely sensitive skin. But, the products have not only helped my skin, they have healed my skin as well. Once having eczema on my elbows, my symptoms are gone- my elbows smooth. I am also pregnant and extremely sensitive to smell. I can no longer wear anything with a scent. For some reason, the engulfing aroma of "HoBo's Groove" is like music to my soul every morning!
     I then pursued the HoBo's Massage team after learning that they are experts in massage as well. I have had many massages in my life before, and, this massage was unlike any I had ever had. They were very gentle with me, paying close attention to my needs as a mother to be. Every time I leave from my massage, I am in better spirits, both body and mind, and I know both the massage and products are having a profound affect on my baby as well.
     I am thankful to the Genuine HoBo Team for all of their love, dedication and care of me. I also thank them for the positive energy that surges thru me whenever I am with them. I know my baby is benefiting from this, as well as I am, and I am eternally grateful for their exceptional care."
Sydney (
"Mommy to Be"), - Los Angeles, California

"I had tried some Indie shea butter and scrub and was delighted with how the scrub and shea butter made my body feel. The scent was marvelous and refreshing. I also use products of Bath and Body Works, but after using Genuine HoBo I don’t think I could go back to those other guys. Thanks HoBo International. Looking forward to my next shipment."
Layon - West Covina, California

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Q:  What is a “Massage”?
A:  It is the artistry of body touch either hand to body or body to body.
Q:  Why are “massages” important for the body?
A:  Touch brings the feeling of well being. It reminds the body of its inner healing mechanism. It has been recently documented an infant that is neglected and not touch has a higher mortality rate than a child that is touched and nourished.
Q:  Are “massages” good for injuries or illnesses?
A:  Yes. It depends on the sensitivity and skill level of the massage therapist.
Q:  Should “massages” cause pain?
A:  NO!!! HoBo MWI believes that massage should relieve pain and not cause it. Our signature massage, African Swai, is the type of massage that is aggressive but not painful.
Q:  What is “African Swai” and Where does it originate from?
A:  “African Swai” is the mother of all massages. Having given birth to the European deep tissue massage, it goes deep without pain. African Swai originated in Africa and is practiced in East and West African countries.
Q:  What are the benefits of African Swai massage?
A:  1. the removal of pain from the body without leaving or creating pain or bruise.    2. The relaxation of the entire body.    3. The stretching of muscles and tissues which have not been used in years.    4. Increases the blood flow throughout the entire body.
Q:  What is shea butter?
A:  Shea butter has soothing, moisturizing and protecting effects. Due to the sizeable quantity of unsaponifiable fats, vitamins and other active elements, raw shea butter adds more activity to these general properties. It displays a protecting role against UV rays because of its content in cinnamic acid. Moreover, the nutrients contained in shea butter can prevent certain sun allergies. Shea butter also helps cell regeneration and capillary circulation. This favors the healing of small wounds, skin cracks and crevices, and skin ulcers. In the cosmetic field, this property is an asset against skin aging. It has restructuring effects on the epidermis, also on dry and fragile hair. Dry skin, dermatitis, dermatosis, eczema, sun burn, and other burns are all helped by natural shea butter. It has an characteristic which makes it a good active ingredient against stretch marks. Shea butter can also be used to treat rheumatism and aching muscles; it can minimize cold symptoms as it decongests nasal mucous membranes. It is very well tolerated by the skin for it does not normally trigger any allergic reaction and can even be used on very sensitive skin areas such as mucous membranes and around the eyes. Shea butter is therefore outstanding for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes, even incorporated in high proportions. It is easy to work into all kinds of emulsions and prevents allergic reactions without altering the active principles.
Q:  What is shea butter Used for?
A:  In the 1940's shea butter was used in margarine. The development of shea butter being used in cosmetics was interrupted by World War II. In the 1960's people in Japan and Europe discovered that shea butter was a useful addition to pastries and chocolates. A European Union directive was passed in January 2003 allowing a percentage of cocoa butter to be replaced by shea butter in the manufacturing of chocolate. Other butters, including Mango butter, can be substituted for cocoa butter in chocolates. The chocolate business is one of the world's most important industries. It is worth billions of British pounds and U.S. dollars. It is worth a lot of money in any currency you want to name. The industry employs millions of people worldwide. Sometimes a disease or bad weather reduces the supplies of cocoa. Chocolate manufacturers can use shea butter in place of part of the cocoa butter and keep producing the chocolate the world demands. Shea butter also prolongs the shelf-life of chocolates. Historically, shea butter has been used to treat skin conditions of all kinds. The preoccupation of western women with skin care is helping to enhance the value of "women's gold". L'Occitane®, a French cosmetics firm, is using shea butter in its products and buys it directly from the West African womens' cooperatives. The Body Shop®, Origins®, L'Oreal® and Bath & Body Works® are putting shea butter products on their shelves. You can buy shea butter body scrubs, eye makeup remover, foaming cream, skin care packages, hand and cuticle cream, foot scrub and aftershave lotion. Despite the increased use of shea butter in cosmetics, statistics show that more than 90% of the shea butter from all marketed shea nuts is used in the chocolate industry.
Q:  What are the types and colors of shea butter?
UNREFINED shea butter - straight from nature. COLOR - because unrefined shea butter is extracted traditionally or cold pressed, the color may vary between light gray to medium yellow.
REFINED, PROCESSED etc - bleached, deodorized, refined. Hexane is used to extract more shea butter. Sometimes further processing is required to remove the hexane contaminated shea butter. COLOR- white, (Do not confuse with cream).
Q:  What is Hexane?
It is a toxic chemical produced in a petroleum refinery and is a by-product of gasoline. It is mainly used as a solvent to extract edible oils from seed and vegetable crops like soybeans, peanuts & corn. Commercial grades are used as solvents for glues, vanish & inks.
Q:  What is the smell of shea butter?
A:  Unrefined shea butter like all other natural products has a natural nutty, slightly-smokey scent. The natural scent is usually stronger if the shea butter is fresh. As the shea butter gets older, the natural scent diminishes. Shea butter with no scent is not unrefined shea butter. Traditionally extracted or cold pressed shea butter will usually have a nutty and a slight smoky scent to it because it is prepared under open fire. Once applied to skin or hair, there is no scent. Unrefined shea butter will not be fragranced.
Q:  What is the shelf Life of shea butter?
 This is another area of misunderstanding for some people. Unrefined shea butter does not spoil. It does not have a shelf life. Its healing properties are very powerful within the first year and a half. After that, it is still usable but not as beneficial. There is no need to store it in a freezer or refrigerator. Treat it like you treat your moisturizers and lotions. Keep it in a cool dry place. There is no special way to handle it.
Q:  What is the texture of shea butter?
  The texture of shea butter is smooth. Fresh shea butter is usually very soft. As the shea butter ages, it becomes stiffer but still smooth. Shea butter is naturally thick and fatty (in a good way). A little goes a long way. Shea butter is easily melted by the hot sun or any form of heat. This will make it liquefy. It will get back to its solid state once it is in a cool area. When shea butter is melted under direct heat or very high temperatures, the texture changes; itbecomes grainy and never returns to its original texture. Some processed shea butter may have a gummy texture to them. Other processed shea butters may have a petroleum jelly texture to them. VERY IMPORTANT: The color of unrefined shea butter depends on the shea Nut itself. Due to the nature of the nuts, the color of unrefined shea butter may vary. As far as properties and benefits are concerned, there is no difference between the various colors yielded by shea butter. In spite of this fact, one can still distinguish unrefined shea butter from bleached shea butter and processed shea butter because processed shea butter is COMPLETELY STRIPPED. It is odorless, and translucent white (sometimes confused with cream unrefined shea butter). The texture is completely different from Unrefined shea butter. Processed shea butter does not deepen in color over time and retails at very high prices. Unrefined shea butter includes a complex mixture of nutrients. We have tried to narrow it down for a better understanding on unrefined shea butter. Once you familiarize yourself with unrefined shea butter, it becomes easier to spot the differences. One cannot judge the quality and authenticity of unrefined shea butter solely based on color. The benefits of unrefined shea butter, after one has used the actual product for a length of time, are a significant part in identifying unrefined shea butter. Texture and quality are also imperative.
Q:  Are there additives or fillers?
Additives - e.g., essential oils or natural oils are sometimes added to shea butter to provide a variety of scents. Most vendors will state that their shea butter is scented.
Fillers- e.g., beeswax, petroleum jelly, vegetable oils etc,. are sometimes added to shea butter to stretch the shea butter. Vendors who practice this will usually not state so. Depending on your preference, you will be fine with your shea butter. But if you are seeking pure unrefined shea butter, make it a point to purchase samples, try it out and decide from there. Additives and fillers will definitely change the texture, scent and color of shea butter. In cases where the shea butter is heated in order to include fillers or additives, the healing properties of the shea butter are diminished.
* Note: HoBo Men & Women International, LLC. do not use fillers but all natural essential oils for Genuine HoBo products.
Q:  Why is there no such thing as 100% shea butter Soap?
 Why? Because the base for most soaps is good quality vegetable oils. shea butter is naturally oily when melted and cannot stand as a base for soap without adding other oils. So if soap contains shea butter, it is usually as an ingredient. Even as an ingredient in soap, shea butter can still nourish the skin depending, how much shea butter is used? Shea butter is used as an ingredient in creams, shampoos, perms, soaps, bath gels etc. Don't confuse shea butter as an ingredient to 100% Pure Unrefined shea butter. Unrefined shea butter is the best type of shea butter to use in skin care products because it is not chemically treated. Technology today has opened the door for several ways of producing shea butter. Shea butter used in food will have a different grade from shea butter used in shampoos. Shea butter has endless uses.
Q:  Refined or Unrefined?
  All of HoBo Men & Women International, LLC products refined oils are processed using natural processes, without any harsh chemicals or contaminants. Unrefined oils are just that-left in their virgin state after pressing. These oils tend to be rich, robust and 'true' in their flavors. Unrefined oils are also much richer in nutrients. For instance, the peppery tingle from unrefined olive oil comes from antioxidant-rich polyphones which are largely destroyed during any kind of refining.
Q:  What is the difference between Expeller Pressed vs. Cold Pressed?
  All cold pressed oils are expeller pressed. But all expeller pressed oils are not necessarily cold pressed. It all has to do with temperature.
Q:  What is Expeller Pressing?
Expeller pressing is a chemical-free mechanical process that extracts oil from seeds and nuts. This method of oil extraction is an alternative to the hexane-extraction method used for many conventional oils. The temperature reached during pressing depends on the hardness of the nut or seed. The harder the nut or seed, the more pressure required to extract the oil, which in turn creates more friction and higher heat. There is no external heat applied during the expeller pressing
Q:  Why Cold Press?
  Delicate oils, or those in which flavor nuances are a key component, need to be treated with greater care in controlling processing factors. Oils that are cold pressed are expeller pressed in a heat-controlled environment to keep temperatures below 120 degrees F. It's important to note that, while Europe has rigorous standards in place for the terminology of cold pressing (fully unrefined oil extracted at temperatures below 122 degrees F), the phrase 'cold pressed' has been used erroneously in the U.S. for a number of years, often employed as a marketing technique for oils which have been expeller pressed or even refined (which exposes the oil to temperatures of up to 470 degrees F). Spectrum's founder, Jethren Phillips, led the drive to standardize the term 'cold pressed' in the US, to promote truth in labeling for consumers. All of HoBo's oils are both naturally expeller pressed* and cold pressed. Oils and Extra Virgin Olive Oils are cold pressed, to let their delicate, unique smalls shine through.


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